My undergraduate studies were at Clare College, Cambridge. That was a very long time ago. My Masters was with the Open University. Part of my dissertation gave a survey of geometry in the 19th century by reviewing five important papers. I am rather fond of it. My PhD was also with the Open University. My thesis is here; the Introduction of this provides a decent background to the area in which I work. I would also strongly recommend this survey article.

I am interested in Complex Dynamics, particularly the dynamics of transcendental entire functions and quasiregular maps of transcendental type. Following my PhD, I worked on a two year EPSRC funded research grant with the Open University investigating the size of the Julia set of transcendental entire functions. I then worked at  Nottingham University on a one year EPSRC funded study of the dynamics of quasiregular maps. Currently I am with Liverpool University, studying dynamics in the Eremenko-Lyubich class.

I am also a qualified and experienced school teacher. Indeed, I have taught mathematics at (almost) every level from 11 year olds up to post-graduate. If anyone has taught the subject to a wider span of ages and abilities, I have yet to meet them. Currently I teach at high school level, and also on the Open University masters modules in Fractal Geometry and Applied Complex Variables.

I am a keen cyclist, hill walker and online blitz chess player. My brief foray into the world of TV quiz shows is available here.

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